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QlikView – Dynamic columns in chart straight table

I am a BI consultant currently working on the biggest QlikVIew partner deal of 2009.
One of my clients requested a table with non-static columns, ie. dynamic number of columns.

The below two solutions show a chart straight table with dynamic columns:

  1. This solution chooses fields from the system field $Field with a condition of what table the fields should be selected from
  2. This solution iterates through all fields in a table and creates a data island with the input table field names.

Both solutions have the same four expressions:

  1. Chart calculation condition and error message if condition not met
  2. Dimension expression
  3. Label expression
  4. Dimension show condition expression

Solution #1 is good because you don't get an extra data island and can use the tables you already have.

However, a disadvantage is that if you use the $Field field anywhere else, you will have selections you might don't want which will affect the chart expressions.

Solution #2 is good because it is separated from the data model itself.
It is also a cleaner and more secure solution. You can specify exactly which fields you want by modifying the load script and transforming it the standard way.

I hope you all find this useful.



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