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OpenVPN v2.2.2 with Windows 8 Professional x64

I fixed the problem by changing the TAP-Win32 network adapter setting "Media Status" from "Application Controlled" to "Always Connected".

This can be found in Network Connections and right clicking on the TAP-Win32 adapter and choosing properties.
Choose "Configure..." the TAP-Win32 adapter and then click on the "Advanced" tab.
Also, the service "Network Connections" (Netman) needs to be started before you try to connect with OpenVPN.

No firewall changes are needed, and also solution works on Windows 8.

  • Download and install OpenVPN v2.2.2 from
  • Network Connections > [name of your TAP-Win32 adapter] > Properties > Configure... > Advanced
    Change "Media Status" from "Application Controlled" to "Always Connected"
  • Services > Network Connections > Properties > General
    Change "Startup type" from "Manual" to "Automatic" and start the service manually
  • Start OpenVPN GUI as Administrator and connect your VPN as you normally would
  • √Čt voila!


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  1. Great Tip. Thx

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